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Financial Systems Office

Defense Health Program Financial Systems supports TMA HQ/Service Surgeon General Ofc resource managers with automated financial information to help manage multi-billion dollar DHP.

Key systems are:

  • DHP Budget Execution Reports Web Site ("WebI")
    • Monthly updated Component plan/actual spending on DHP programs, including: Wounded Warrior (Traumatic Brain Injury/Wounded, Ill, Injured), Contingency Ops (medical, unclassified only)
    • Component financial system actual spending certified to match DFAS official monthly DHP budget execution report (DD1002)
    • Includes newly deployed Component Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS), e.g., Army GFEBS, TMA/USUHS DAI, as well as legacy system, e.g., STARS-FL, GAFS, data - crosswalked into standard DHP accounting structure
    • Historical data back to FY94 start of DHP execution data
  • TMA Financial Statement Web Site (TFSW)
    • Repository of quarterly DHP (TMA/Services) financial statements
    • Helps comply w/CFO Act
  • DHP Civilian Personnel Web Site
    • Monthly Component input of DHP civilian work years/end strengths

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