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Upcoming Webinar

The DHA DQMC Program Office is hosting a webinar on Thursday, Oct 29, 2015
from  1:00 – 2:00pm EDT.
The subject of the webinar is “Workload Reconciliation ,” presented by BUMED Data Quality and MEPRS

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  DQ Managers, DQ Assurance Teams, and anyone interested in the MHS Revenue Cycle

SUMMARY: Workload Reconciliation is the process of comparing and validating workload data between two systems, EAS and CHCS, with a series of steps performed to fix errors, account for all visits and dispositions, and validate the MEPRS codes assigned. This presentation covers the purpose behind Workload Reconciliation, the steps involved, and the reports used to successfully match CHCS and EAS workload data.

How to Participate in Webinar:
10 minutes prior to the event start time, please go to:

- Select "Enter as a Guest," and type your full name and Service affiliation, and facility name (e.g., Chris Jones – Army, Ft Lee) 
- Click "Enter Room."
- Once the page loads, please click “Request Entry,” and we will grant you early access into the virtual room.
(If for any reason the link does not work, simply copy and paste the URL into your browser.)

Audio will be available via your computer speakers.

To participate, you will need an up-to-date version of Flash Player. If you have any issues with connecting, please contact us at Webmeeting@altarum.org for webinar technical support.


Recent Webinars


April 29, 2015 -- Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund (MERHCF) and Data Quality Implications
presented by the Chair of the Program Manager for the DHA Uniform Business Office.

This presentation will cover the definition of the MERHCF Program and how prospective payments to the MTF are calculated.

Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p7ow8e8f3tf/
Presentation: 2015 Apr - MERHCF and Data Quality Implications ppt 197.0 KB
Webinar Q and A: (not yet available)

January 29, 2015 -- Uniform Business Office and the Revenue Cycle
presented by the Program Manager for MERHCF.

This presentation will cover the MTF Revenue Cycle and the important role Data Quality plays in the revenue cycle.

Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p5f0f08d21c/
Presentation: 2015 Jan - UBO and the Revenue Cycle pptx 913.9 KB
Webinar Q and A: (not yet available)


December 1, 2014 -- eMSM Metrics Review
presented by the Chair of the eMSM Measures Workgroup.

This webinar is a review of the current metrics that are used to compare the eMSMs.

Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p4iedvpordz/
Presentation: eMSM Offsite_FY15 Dashboard Deck ppt 12813.0 KB
Pdf:eMSM Offsite_FY15 Dashboard Deck _pdf pdf 1487.6 KB
Webinar Q and A: (not yet available)

July 30, 2014 -- CHCS and ADM: Achieving Data Quality Success
presented by CHCS SMEs from AFMOA DQ and Kenner AHC.

This webinar will provide useful data quality analysis tips for ensuring the data from your CHCS system is accurate.

Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p9m0hlqhyn2/
Presentation: CHCS and ADM: Achieving Data Quality Success pptx 2246.9 KB

April 30, 2014 -- Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) Program Data Quality Tools
presented by the MEPRS Program Office Support Contract Consultant.

The purpose of this training is to guide the attendee through the MEPRS-specific questions on the DQMC Review List, and sources of information and tools to help answer the questions from "WWW.MEPRS.INFO".

Webcast:  http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p2aztv62qws/
Presentation: MEPRS Program Data Quality Tools ppt 9017.0 KB
Webinar Q and A: April 2014 MEPRS Program Data Quality Q&A docx 17.5 KB

January 29, 2014 -- Documentation Motivation for Providers Using AHLTA 3.3.8
presented by the Defense Health Clinical Systems CMIO, Electronic Health Record (EHR) Core Program Management Office.

The purpose of this training is educate you on the mindset of medical providers as it relates to documentation, so that you might understand why providers document the way they do. Also, as you understand provider mindset, it is hoped that you will have a better understanding of how to motivate providers to change their documenting practices. Finally, this training is intended to make you aware of documentation tools available in AHLTA, improvements that have been made to those tools in versions 3.3.7 and 3.3.8, and continued limitations of those tools.

Webcast:  http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/pzukv1qjd0/
Presentation: Documentation Motivation for Providers Using AHLTA 3.3.8 ppt 2469.5 KB FINAL for download


October 30, 2013 -- Coding Overview and the Impact of ICD-10
presented by the UBO Deputy Program Manager, DHA.

This Webinar provides an overview of how Coding is important and what impact the upcoming change to ICD-10 (October 1, 2014) will have on Coding at the MTFs.

Webcast:   http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p9qm8vyqxkq/
Presentation: Coding Overview and the Impact of ICD-10 ppt 3518.0 KB
Webinar Q and A: October 2013 Coding Overview and the Impact of ICD-10 Q&A docx 20.6 KB

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