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Purpose: To present to the Congress an annual assessment of the effectiveness of the TRICARE program in meeting the goals of improving access to and quality of health care. Background: Section 717 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 1996 (PL 104-106) requires the ASD(HA) to conduct this evaluation and report to the Congress by March 1 of each year. Beginning in 1997, the original reports compared TRICARE costs in evaluation year with estimate of costs had TRICARE not been implemented; however by FY 2003 the 1994 baseline became too far removed from TRICARE and external healthcare industry as to not make sense, and had outlived its usefulness. The FY 2003 and subsequent reports focus on the ASD (HA) priorities and internal performance metrics. These metrics are predicated on seven perspectives or “themes” underlying the MHS Strategy Architecture (see diagram below). These reports present many of the Balanced Scorecard metrics used to monitor near- and mid-term performance in those areas critical to achieving longer-term TRICARE goals, are standardized and assessed over time, and, where relevant, compared with civilian-sector benchmarks.   (MHS Strategy Architecture diagram )

           FY07 Report to Congress, pdf 2895.8 KB

           FY06 Report to Congress, pdf 6.1MB

           FY05 Report to Congress, pdf 6.5MB

           FY04 Report to Congress, pdf 1.3MB

           FY03 Report to Congress, pdf 516.4 KB

           FY02 Report to Congress, pdf 1.1MB

           FY01 Report to Congress, pdf 1.2MB

           FY99 Report to Congress, pdf 1.0MB

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