Examining the Relationship between ORYX Hospital Clinical Process Measures and the CAHPS Hospital Survey of Patient Experience

Objective: As a component of the Balanced Scorecard, TRICARE collects data on hospital quality using the standardized measures of clinical process known as ORYX. ORYX is a measurement set developed and maintained by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations, JCAHO. At the same time, TMA also collects patient reported quality for hospital stays on a yearly basis with the TRICARE Inpatient Satisfaction Survey (TRISS). The purpose of this analysis was to better understand how these 2 widely collected datasets related to one another, one focused on clinical process of care (ORYX) and the other on patient reports of experience within the same hospital (TRISS). The analysis examined correlations between the two sets of data (clinical vs. patient experience) at the MTF level.

Results: In this sample of military treatment facilities we found consistent associations between patient’s health care experiences, as measured by the H-CAHPS section of TMA’s Inpatient Satisfaction Survey, and hospital clinical performance indicators, as measured by the ORYX measures. The H-CAHPS composites?communication with doctors and communication about medications?were most consistently associated with multiple individual ORYX measures. The pattern of associations among the measures suggests that these two quality indicators, H-CAHPS and ORYX, are complementary quality monitoring strategies. These findings may indicate that communication processes are indicators of high quality, team-based approaches to care that reflect a healthy organization.

Status: Complete

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