Burden of Disease Associated with Overweight and Obesity among U.S. Military Retirees and their Dependents, 65 Years of Age and Older, 2003

Objective: The prevalence of overweight and obesity is increasing in the U.S. population. The purpose of this study was to describe the prevalence and correlation of overweight, obesity and associated co-morbidities among 65 year-old and older beneficiaries of the Department of Defense (DoD) Military Health System (MHS).

Results: 69% of men and 56% of women were overweight and 22% of both men and women were obese. The PORs increased in magnitude corresponding to increasing weight categories for most co-morbidities. The percent of individuals reporting between 2 and 4 co-morbidities also increased with increasing weight category. Overweight, obesity and associated co-morbidities are prevalent among DoD beneficiaries aged 65 and older. Overweight and obese individuals have an increased prevalence of co-morbidities compared to normal weight individuals. The common perception that weight related problems are not prevalent in aging populations is incorrect.

Status: Complete

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