Incorporating U.S. Family Health Plan Participants in the Health Care Survey of DoD Beneficiaries (HCSDB) through Oversample - Special Study

Objective: The purpose of this special survey was to target TRICARE beneficiaries enrolled in the US Family Health Plan (USFHP), or Designated Provider Program, who routinely are not sampled in sufficient numbers in the Health Care Survey of DoD Beneficiaries (HCSDB). With the oversample, the level of satisfaction can be measured. The HCSDB will be used for a one-time oversample of randomly selected TRICARE beneficiaries enrolled in the US Family Health Plan (USFHP), or Designated Provider Program as well as a comparable number of MHS beneficiaries in the locale who are not enrolled to the USFHP. This study will survey 15,000 USFHP beneficiaries in the January 2006 routine quarterly HCSDB through oversample at the six USFHP sites. Each of the six USFHP sites had an approximate survey sample to include approximately 1,000 enrolled Designated Provider beneficiaries, and 1,000 enrolled TRICARE Prime beneficiaries per each of the USFHP Designated Provider sites.

Results: Previous experience tells us that retirees tend to respond to our surveys at higher rates compared to AD/ADFM. This same group tends to report higher ratings as well. This study found that US Family Health enrollees are predominantly retirees and their family members; Irrespective of DP or non -DP enrollment, retirees rate their experience higher than ADFMs, and, retirees 65+ higher than retirees under 65; Retirees age 65 and over give DP and Medicare/TRICARE for Life similar ratings, but give DP significantly higher scores for getting care quickly and customer service; Retirees under age 65 rate health plan, health care, access to care and customer service of DP significantly higher than Prime. ADFM in DP plans rate most aspects of care substantially higher than ADFM with Prime: For health plan, health care, getting needed care or getting care quickly, communication, office staff and customer service; But not for Personal Doctor or Specialist or claims handling; Compared to TRICARE Standard and Extra users, DP members rate their health plan, getting needed care, and customer service higher. When comparing overall DP ratings to overall MHS ratings: DP rate health care and health plan significantly higher; DP are significantly more likely to report they get care quickly, get needed care and get needed customer service help; Retiree (<65) ratings shows variation among sites, and: Retirees in 4 of 6 sites (MA, ME, MD, WA) rate their DP significantly higher than Prime for: Plan, Getting needed care and Customer Service ? exceptions are New York and Texas.

Status: Complete

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