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PI Fraud & Abuse 101 Course

MTF Anti-Fraud Program
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Thank you for your reporting a fraud and/or abuse concern to the Defense Health Agency (DHA) FRAUDLINE. DHA's Program Integrity Office is responsible for all anti-fraud activity within the DHA, including the purchased care and direct care settings of the Military Health System. Every report of potential fraud or abuse is investigated.

Please include only the necessary contact information and brief details about the suspected fraud when making submissions. Do not include sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI). Should PII or PHI sensitive information be required DHA-PI or our contractor will advise you regarding the needed information and request you provide that information by mail or fax. Precautions must be taken by Government agencies to avoid violating DoD policy, the Privacy Act, and/or HIPAA.

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