TRICARE Plus is a primary care program offered at some military hospitals and clinics.

Who can enroll?

You can enroll in TRICARE Plus if you're:

Have enrollment questions? Contact your local military hospital or clinic.

How does TRICARE Plus work?

TRICARE Plus gives you access to get primary care at your military hospital or clinic. You pay nothing out-of-pocket.

Primary Care

Make an appointment with your primary care provider by:

Specialty Care

TRICARE Plus doesn’t cover specialty care.

If you’re a dependent parent or parent-in-law, TRICARE won’t pay for care by civilian providers, even if the military hospital or clinic refers you for care. You’re responsible for the full cost of the care.

TRICARE Plus and Medicare

You don’t need to have Medicare Part B to enroll in TRICARE Plus. But, without Part B, you may not be covered by TRICARE for civilian care. >>Learn More

If I enroll in TRICARE Plus, will I have minimum essential coverage?

No, but if you’re using TRICARE Plus with another TRICARE health plan, you have minimum essential coverage under that plan.

Last Updated 1/8/2016