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North Prime Travel Office


Attn: Prime Travel
1700 N. Moore St.
Suite 1200
Arlington VA, 22209

Fax: 1-703-588-0634
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North Region Instructions

Requesting Travel Orders

Once you have an approved PCM referral and authorization from Health Net, submit a copy of the referral or authorization to the TRICARE Regional Office (TRO)-North Prime Travel Benefit Office with an Intake Form.

  • Get a copy of your authorization by calling Health Net at 1-877-TRICARE (1-877-874-2273).
  • If you qualify, the TRO-North travel office will issue Invitational Travel Orders.
  • Contact the TRO-North at 1-866-307-9749 or 1-703-588-1869/1867 if you have questions.

Submitting Receipts

After the care is received, submit all receipts for expenses to your travel representative.

Traveling Alone
Traveling with a NMA

Send the intake form, travel voucher, statement of actual expenses and copies of receipts to the TRO-North Prime Travel Benefit office via mail or fax:

TRICARE Regional Office-North
ATTN Prime Travel
1700 N. Moore St., Suite 1200
Arlington VA, 22209

Fax: 1-703-588-0634

Your Reimbursement

All payments are made by electronic funds transfer (EFT). After your first authorized trip, submit an EFT Authorization Form to the TRO-North.

  • You won't need to submit the form again for future travel expenses unless there is a change to your preferred reimbursement account.
  • The patient and NMA must each submit an EFT form and cannot be reimbursed for the same travel expense.

Travel claims are processed using the Defense Travel System.

  • Include receipts for all reasonable travel expenses with each claim.
  • Government rates are used to estimate the reasonable cost.

Last Updated 2/20/2014