TRICARE Prime Overseas

TRICARE Prime Overseas is available to active duty service members and their command-sponsored family members living together in non-remote overseas locations. Retirees and their families can't enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas.

When you enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas, you have the minimum essential coverage required under the Affordable Care Act.

To enroll, submit a TRICARE Prime Enrollment, Disenrollment and Primary Care Manager (PCM) Change Form along with a copy of your orders to International SOS:

International SOS Assistance
TOP Prime Enrollments
P.O. Box 11520
Philadelphia, PA 19116

Please contact International SOS for assistance.

Family Member Coverage

Only family members who are on accompanying orders and command-sponsored may enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas.  However, if you have family members who are living in the United States, they may enroll in TRICARE Prime in the region where they live, if its offered.  

When Coverage Begins

Your coverage begins when the your completed enrollment application is received.

Go Paperless!

If you’re registered on MilConnect, you can sign up to get eCorrespondence. When you do, we’ll notify you by email when your enrollment is active and you can download your enrollment card.


Command-sponsorship may be waived in certain circumstances.  Check with your TRICARE Area Office or a local TRICARE Service Center for details.

Last Updated 4/4/2014