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TRICARE Prime Remote

TRICARE Prime Remote is a managed care option available in remote areas in the United States.

If you're in a remote overseas location, you may be able to enroll in TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas.

Who can Participate?

The following beneficiaries who live and work in designated remote locations:

  • Active duty service members
  • Activated Guard/Reserve members
  • Family members who live with TRICARE Prime Remote-enrolled sponsors.
    • Note: If a Guard/Reserve sponsor is deployed, the family member(s) can stay enrolled as long as they don't move while their sponsor is deployed.
  • Surviving family members of deceased active duty service members.
    • After three years (from the sponsor's death), TRICARE Prime Remote is no longer available to surviving spouses, but children may stay enrolled.

How it Works

  • You'll get most care from your primary care manager (PCM)
    • You may have a network PCM, if available
    • If not, select any TRICARE-authorized provider as your PCM.
  • Your PCM:
    • Refers you to specialists for care he or she can't provide
    • Works with your regional contractor for referrals/authorization
    • Helps find a specialist in the network
    • Files claims for you

What You Pay

  • No enrollment fees
  • No out-of-pocket costs for any type of care as long as care is received from your PCM or with a referral.
  • Care received without a referral is subject to point-of-service fees.

Is TRICARE Prime Remote Right for You?

TRICARE Prime Remote is only available to active duty service members (which includes activated Guard/Reserve members) and their families who live and work in designated remote locations.

  • If you're on active duty, you have to enroll if you live and work in a remote area. 
  • Family members can choose to enroll or use TRICARE Standard and Extra.
  • TRICARE Prime Remote offers fewer out-of-pocket costs than TRICARE Standard and Extra, but less freedom of choice for providers.

How to Enroll—3 Options

  1. Online via the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website
  2. Call your regional contractor
    • North: 1-877-874-2273
    • South: 1-800-444-5445
    • West: 1-877-988-9378
  3. Mail the enrollment form to your regional contractor (mailing addresses on the form):

>>Visit the TRICARE Prime Remote Enrollment Page to Learn More

Last Updated 6/18/2014

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