ECHO Autism Demonstration

The Enhanced Access to Autism Services Demonstration (ECHO Autism Demonstration) for provides ECHO-registered beneficiaries with ABA reinforcement services through an expanded network of bachelor’s-level, nationally-certified Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts and non-certified tutors.


The demonstration is available to ECHO-registered beneficiaries, age 18 months and older, who are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. If diagnosed before this demonstration began (March 15, 2008), children do not need to be re-diagnosed. To begin services:

  • Submit your child's Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individualized Education Program (IEP) documentation to your regional contractor.
  • If your child is home-schooled and your state does not require an IFSP or IEP, provide a letter from your child's primary care provider or specialized ASD provider verifying that the child's disability related to Autism results in dysfunction severe enough to require special education and other support services.
  • Send your child's behavioral plan to the medical provider who will oversee your child's autism care.

To see if your child may qualify and to get started, please contact your regional contractor and discuss your options with your child's primary care provider.


The demonstration covers ABA reinforcement services that:

  • Implement basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and target behaviors associated with the core deficits of ASD
  • Focus on changing the child's behavior by observing and measuring the behavior in real-life environments
  • Use scientific behavioral data to identify functional relationships between environmental events and behavior
  • Gather behavioral data to track progress in reaching behavioral objectives identified in the Behavior Plan and periodically modifies the plan to adapt to the child's response to the intervention.
  • Incorporate parent training so family members/caregivers can teach and support skills during typical family activities
  • Require meetings between family members/caregivers and those designing and implementing the intervention program.

ABA Reinforcement Providers

This demonstration offers ABA reinforcement by bachelor’s level Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts. ABA reinforcement is also available through non-certified ABA tutors if they are working under the supervision of a qualified bachelor's level Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst or a master's level or above Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

What if you have to move?

If you are the parent of an active duty family member receiving ABA reinforcement through the ECHO Autism Demonstration, what you need to do depends on where you move:

  • If moving within the same region, you can continue to get ABA under the existing referral and prior authorization, but you may need to find a new authorized ABA provider.
  • If moving to a new region, contact your new regional contractor to see what information they will need to transfer your authorization.

Costs and Coverage Limits

You must pay part of the monthly expenses for authorized benefits under this demonstration, just as you would with any other ECHO benefit.  You only pay the cost share if you receive covered autism services during the calendar month. Additionally, autism services apply towards your annual ECHO coverage limits.

Last Updated 7/23/2014

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