Before Traveling for Specialty Care

You don't need travel orders, but you must fax a travel request and the following documentation to your TRICARE Regional Office before you travel. Email requests are not accepted.

  • Copy of your CRSC determination letter identifying the combat-related disabilities
  • Your home address
  • Referring provider's address
  • Referral for specialty care to treat the specified combat-related disability
  • Statement (may be included in the referral) from the referring provider indicating that an non-medical attendant is needed, if applicable
  • Completed electronic funds transfer (EFT) authorization form for yourself and your NMA; form must be accompanied by a voided/canceled check or a copy of your savings account statement

Your TRICARE Regional Office reviews your travel request and assists in finding a specialty provider or confirms that the requested specialist is a TRICARE-authorized provider outside the 100-mile radius. If you don't submit your travel request in advance, your travel expenses might not be reimbursed.

Getting a Referral

Becuase you're using TRICARE Standard and Extra or TRICARE For Life, you don't usually need referrals for specialty care. However, you must have a referral to qualify for this benefit. To get a referral:

  • Ask your doctor to write a referral to the provider you need to see to treat the combat-related disability.  
  • Your doctor should state in the referral if a non-medical attendant is needed.
  • If your doctor has questions, please have them contact your TRICARE Regional Office.

Last Updated 7/11/2014

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