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Using Other Health Insurance

If you have any health insurance other than TRICARE, it is called "other health insurance." This insurance can be through your employer or a private insurance program.

  • TRICARE pays second after any other health insurance plan.
  • Active duty service members (including activated Guard/Reserve members) can't use other health insurance.
  • Tell your provider and regional contractor when you have other health insurance.
  • Tell your provider and regional contractor when you no longer have other health insurance.

If you keep your regional contractor informed of your other health insurance, TRICARE can coordinate your benefits and help ensure that your claims are paid quickly. >>Download and submit your region's other health insurance form.

Coordination of Benefits

  • Follow your other health insurance's rules for filing claims. File claims with them first.
  • If your other health insurance doesn't cover the entire cost, file a claim with TRICARE.
  • If your other health insurance denies a claim for failure to follow their rules, such as getting care without authorization or using a non-network provider, TRICARE may also deny your claim.

Ending Other Health Insurance Coverage

If you are no longer covered by other health insurance, TRICARE is now your primary coverage. If you have TRICARE for Life, TRICARE is now the second payer. You must update your status with your regional contractor if you are no longer covered by other health insurance.

Medicare is not Other Health Insurance

Medicare is a federal entitlement. If you have Medicare:

  • Medicare pays first
  • Your other health insurance pays second
  • TRICARE pays last
Do you have other health insurance with prescription drug coverage?

Your other plan pays first and TRICARE pays second at the pharmacy. >>Learn more

Last Updated 6/18/2014