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TRICARE Prime Overseas

TRICARE Prime Overseas is a managed care option in overseas areas near military hospitals and clinics. 

Who Can Participate?

  • Active duty service members
  • Command-sponsored active duty family members
  • Activated National Guard/Reserve members
  • Command-sponsored family members of activated National Guard/Reserve members

Retirees and their families can't enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas

How it Works

  • You'll get most care from your assigned primary care manager (PCM) at a military hospital or clinic. 
  • Your PCM refers you to a specialist for care he or she can't provide and works with International SOS for authorization, when needed.

What You Pay

  • No enrollment fees
  • No copayments for any type of care as long as care is received from your PCM or with a referral.
  • Care received without a referral is subject to point-of-service fees

Is TRICARE Prime Overseas Right for You?

If you are an active duty service member or an activated Guard or Reserve member stationed in a non-remote overseas location, you must enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas. Family members must be command-sponsored to enroll or they have the option to use TRICARE Standard Overseas.

How to Enroll—2 Options

  • Call your regional call center
    • Eurasia-Africa: +44-20-8762-8384
    • Latin America & Canada: 1-215-942-8393
    • Pacific: +65-6339-2676 (Singapore)/+61-2-9273-2710 (Sydney)
  • Mail the enrollment form and a copy of your orders to your regional call center or TRICARE Service Center.  

>>Visit the TRICARE Prime Overseas Enrollment Page to Learn More 

Last Updated 8/20/2015