Filling Prescriptions Overseas

Are you living overseas?   

Are you traveling overseas?  

Military Pharmacies

You can get your prescriptions filled at military pharmacies for free.

If you have a prescription from a host nation provider, you can fill it at a military pharmacy, but there are some limits:

Host Nation Pharmacies

In some cases, host nation pharmacies may be your only option. You may have to pay for the total amount first and then file a claim for reimbursement.

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery

To use home delivery overseas, you:

There may be local restrictions, including:

You can avoid problems overseas by getting your prescriptions filled at a military pharmacy or a local host nation pharmacy.

TRICARE Network Pharmacies

The only TRICARE network pharmacies overseas are in the following U.S. Territories:

If you’re living or traveling in other overseas nations, you must use military pharmacies or host nation pharmacies.

Prescriptions in the Philippines

You must have prescriptions filled at a TRICARE-certified pharmacy. 

Last Updated 3/27/2014