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TRICARE Beneficiaries: Pitch the Dip for the Great American Spit Out!


Smokeless tobacco use in the military is currently at a rate of 12.8 percent. That is 10 percent higher than the civilian population rate.  Those numbers are startling, and TRICARE is here to help beneficiaries who are ready to make a change. Join with TRICARE and Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud this Sunday, February 23, 2014 for the Great American Spit Out, where the service community can pitch the dip and commit to quit tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco is often considered less harmful than tobacco that is inhaled, but that is a common misconception. Chewing tobacco and snuff are not safe alternatives to smoking. They can lead to cancer, oral health problems and nicotine addiction; not to mention the stained teeth and bad breath.

Quitting can be hard, which is why TRICARE is dedicated to assisting every step of the way.  The Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud campaign has tools to assist beneficiaries become and stay tobacco free.  Visit for a quit support text message program, FAQs, videos and 24/7 live chat support. Beneficiaries should take full advantage of the available TRICARE programs to help with individual goals and needs. These services include:

  • Web-based Educational Materials
  • Smoking Quitlines
  • Live Chat Counseling Services 
  • Tobacco Cessation Medication

Commit to a healthier way of living, and “pitch the dip” in the Great American Spit Out.”  For more information on TRICARE’s tobacco cessation benefit, visit:

Last Updated 9/14/2016