When you are ready to quit smoking, help is only a phone call away. All non-Medicare eligible beneficiaries in the United States can receive assistance with smoking cessation through TRICARE's toll-free tobacco cessation quitlines, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Current smokers who want to quit or former smokers concerned about relapse can speak with a trained smoking cessation coach who will assess each individual's stage of the smoking cessation process and recommend appropriate treatment and resources to quit smoking or remain smoke free. Through the toll-free quitlines, callers will receive a customized quit plan.

Get started with your quit plan today by calling one of the following regional numbers, or request educational materials and other resources about tobacco cessation, available online or by U.S. mail.

  • North: 1-866-459-8766
  • South: 1-877-414-9949
  • West: 1-888-713-4597

Last Updated 4/1/2013

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