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Call the TRICARE Nurse Advice Line this Back to School Season!


During and after back-to-school season, parents have many ‘to-do’ items. As you prepare to send your children back to school, or as you ramp up for another year of homeschooling efforts, keep in mind that TRICARE provides several resources to help parents keep their families healthy.

Aches, pains and fevers can put a damper on the learning experience, and sniffles and sore throats can send your children home from school early. Be sure to contact TRICARE’s Nurse Advice Line (NAL) for advice on what to do. The NAL is the Military Health System’s (MHS) newest initiative to improve ready access to safe, high quality care. When you call, the nurse will ask you about your child’s illness. Please make sure that your child is present so you can assess their condition as the nurse asks questions. If your child is over age 13, the nurse may ask to speak to your child directly. Feel free to stay on another line or use a speakerphone option if that makes you more comfortable. If self-care is recommended, the nurse may provide you with advice on home treatments and remedies. If your child needs an appointment, the NAL will try to schedule one for you at your local MTF, or will advise you to seek care within the network.

The NAL helps you get access to the right type of care at the right time. To learn more about the services the Nurse Advice Line offers, visit For more information on preparing for the back to school season with TRICARE, visit

Last Updated 7/26/2016