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My Plan Is: TRICARE Prime

If you're enrolled in TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote or TRICARE Young Adult-Prime in the U.S., follow these guidelines when traveling:

If Traveling in the United States

  1. Get all your routine care before traveling
  2. If you need emergency care, go to an emergency roomThe hospital department that provides emergency services to patients who need immediate medical attention. or call 911
    • Call your primary care manager (PCM) or regional contractor within 24 hours
  3. If you need urgent care, you must have a referral from your PCM.       
    • Call your PCM or regional contractor first
    • They will help you find a provider
    • Keep a copy of your receipts
    • You may have to pay up front for the care and file a claim for reimbursement.  

If Traveling Overseas

  1. Get all routine care before traveling.
  2. If you need emergency care, go the nearest emergency facility. To find a provider:
    • Search online or call International SOS.
    • Before you leave the facility, contact International SOS Medical Assistance:
      • Eurasia-Africa: +44-20-8762-8133 
      • Latin America & Canada: 1-215-942-8320 
      • Pacific (Sydney): +65-6338-9277
      • Pacific (Singapore): +61-2-9273-2760
    • If you're admitted, International SOS will coordinate with the facility for payment, determine whether you should be transferred to another facility and coordinate emergency transport, if needed.
  3. If you need urgent care, you must have a referral from your PCM

Need Prescriptions When Traveling?

We recommend that you get your prescriptions filled before you travel, but if you need a one filled while traveling you can:

  • Fill the prescription at the military pharmacy if one is nearby.
    • Call the pharmacy first to see if they have your prescription
  • Find the closest network pharmacy.
    • Available in the U.S. and U.S. Territories
    • If a network pharmacy isn't available, visit a non-network pharmacy.
  • Home delivery isn't recommended for a prescription you need right away. If you're taking a long vacation, you can arrange for any regular prescriptions to be filled via home delivery.

Learn more about your options for filling prescriptions.

Last Updated 3/15/2016

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