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Military Hospitals and Clinics

Military hospitals and clinics are:

  • The core of the Military Health System
  • Found at military bases and posts around the world
  • Referred to as direct care, military treatment facilities or MTFs

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There are several different types of military facilities, each providing different levels of service.

Multi-Service Markets
  • Integrated networks of military hospitals and clinics.
  • May be composed of any combination of medical centers, hospitals or clinics
  • 15 around the world—11 in the U.S. and 4 overseas
  • Six are considered "enhanced" because of size and medical mission:
Medical Centers
  • Largest type of military facility
  • Offer hospitalization and outpatient services
  • Multiple specialties and sub-specialtiesi.e. Neurosurgery, Bariatric Surgery, etc.
  • Serve as trauma centers in the community for military and civilian patients
  • Usually participate in General Medical Education and medical research programs
  • Smallest military facility
  • Only offers outpatient services; no hospitalization
  • Limited number of specialtiesi.e. Family Practice, Optometry, etc.
  • Some clinics limited to primary care only
  • Some clinics limited to active duty service members only

Last Updated 5/28/2015