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DoD/VA Program Coordination Office (DVPCO)

DVPCO Objectives:
  1. Serve as the central entity within HA/TMA to monitor all VA/DoD Health Care Resource Sharing activities, to include: Pharmacy, Materiel Management, Health Information Management/ Technology, Financial Management, Clinical Activities, National Level Interagency Agreements, TRICARE/VA Contractor Relationships, Joint Ventures, and Health Systems Studies.
  2. Serve as the HA/TMA clearinghouse for all related information by utilizing information management systems and other tools.
  3. Develop and implement education, training, and marketing programs for all HA/TMA and Service personnel at appropriate organizational levels.
  4. Oversee and participate in development of VA/DoD program-related cost/benefit models and tools for use by major Market Managers and other DoD agencies.
  5. Support and utilize the available resources sharing databases, to generate and submit reports on the costs and utilization of sharing activities, as required.
  6. Participate and contribute to the DoD VA Joint Strategic Planning Group, DoD VA Capital Assets Planning Committee, DoD VA Joint Utilization/Resource Sharing Workgroup, the DoD VA Contingency Planning Workgroup, and other groups as they are formed.
  7. Provide administrative and operational support to the DoD VA Health Executive Council, and Benefits Executive Council.
  8. Coordinate and provide responses to external requests for information from Government Accounting Office, Office of Management & Budget, and members of Congress.