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Education and Briefings

BUMED Joint Venture Conference

The Bureau of Medicine & Surgery (BUMED) hosted a Department of Defense (DoD)/ Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Joint Venture Conference 22-23 February 2006. The conference, Anatomy of a Joint Venture - Why, What and How was held at the Naval Station Great Lakes, Port O'Call Conference Center in North Chicago, Illinois.

This conference highlighted the progress and accomplishments of DoD/VA joint venture activities, identifying common barriers to success, and sharing lessons learned. Representatives from the joint venture facilities, which are located across the country including Alaska and Hawaii, presented on the latest progress of the partnerships.

A major highlight of the conference was the presentation by the Commanding Office, Naval Hospital Great Lakes and the Director, North Chicago VA Medical Center on the new Joint Federal Health Care Facility. The Federal Health Care Facility will operate under a single line of authority, overseen by a Board of Directors. All services currently available at Naval Hospital Great Lakes and North Chicago VA Medical Center will be placed within this organizational structure to provide for efficient delivery of health care services within a seamless patient care support environment. Attendees were treated to a tour of the North Chicago VA Medical Center including the new building renovation that is underway in preparation of the merger with Naval Hospital Great Lakes.

Representatives from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs), DoD/VA Coordination Office, Information Management Technology and Reengineering, Health Budgets and Financial Policy, Service Headquarters, and VA Headquarters presented updates on DoD/VA initiatives. Major areas that impact VA/DoD sharing were discussed at this year's conference including reimbursement and billing concerns and Information Management/Information Technology.