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Services and supplies associated with maternity care, including antepartum care, childbirth, postpartum care and complications of pregnancy, may be covered when the surrogate mother is a TRICARE beneficiary and has entered into a contractual agreement with the adoptive parents. 

The contractual agreement will be considered primary coverage. Any undesignated amount, or amount designated for medical expenses under the contract, must be exhausted before TRICARE will cover otherwise covered benefits for the TRICARE beneficiary.

Maternity services provided to a TRICARE beneficiary acting as a surrogate without a contractual agreement are not a covered benefit.

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This A-Z list of topics is not all inclusive. TRICARE covers most inpatient and outpatient care that is medically necessary and considered proven. However, there are special rules or limits on certain types of care, while other types of care are not covered at all.

Last Updated 12/6/2013