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Filling Prescriptions

TRICARE offers several ways for you to fill your prescriptions. Each option is available worldwide, but some may be limited outside of the United States.

To get your prescription filled, you'll need a:

  • Written prescription, and
  • Valid uniformed services identification card

The pharmacy contractor is Express Scripts, Inc. (Express Scripts). Express Scripts provides home delivery and retail network pharmacy services. Download the Express Scripts free Mobile App.

Did you know?

We check all prescriptions filled through the military, home delivery or at a network pharmacy against your TRICARE prescription history.

  • Uses an automated tool
  • Reduces the likelihood of bad drug interactions
  • Reduces duplicate treatments

Last Updated 6/18/2014

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Express Scripts, Inc.

Stateside: 1-877-363-1303
Overseas: 1-866-275-4732
(where toll-free service is established)

Express Scripts Website

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